google-project-loonIt has been reported in the news before Bill Gates thinks that Google’s Project Loon might be cool and all, but it will not help stop folks from dying from diseases such as malaria and combat malnutrition in some of the remotest areas of the world. Well, everyone would have a better life with an Internet connection, and that is exactly what Google’s Project Loon has set out to do. The general idea is this – to deliver Internet connectivity to the masses across a vast geographical domain thanks to a network of balloons that happen to float 20 kilometers high up. How do those balloons remain afloat? Stable atmospheric winds at different altitudes ensure that this is achieved, and here we are with additional information about Project Loon.

Thanks to some patent applications that are connected to Project Loon becoming public in the USPTO database, we do know that users can expect around 10Mbps speeds when they are connected to a 50Gbps backbone network of Super Balloons which have been spaced 100 miles apart, blanketing a large area thanks to extremely bright LED free-air optical links. It looks like indigenous peoples will soon be able to jump aboard the Facebook bandwagon, don’t you think so?

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