watch-dogs-ps4Different consoles have varying specifications, which means as the developer who is interested to work on a particular title for a few consoles, the team will have to work extra hard in order to maximize the performance of individual consoles that have their fair share of strengths and weaknesses. At times, we are unable to tell the difference in the thick of the action, but there are some titles that have one version stand out heads and shoulders above its counterparts on other platforms. Watch Dogs looks set to be one of those exceptions, where it is touted to run in Full HD only on the Sony PS4, although Ubisoft has yet to confirm this claim by Sony.


The PlayStation website mentioned, “The world of Watch Dogs comes alive on PS4 with the best graphics on any console and exclusive missions found only on PlayStation. Hack everything as you make your way through Chicago’s underground as you experience Watch_Dogs in a way that only PS4 can provide, at 60 Frames Per Second in 1080p.”

When it comes to performance of various games on the PS4 and Xbox One (both rival platforms), this question has been directed at Ubisoft’s way for a fair number of times without a clear answer just yet. Well, if you want to maximize your Watch Dogs experience, it seems that the Sony PS4 would be the way to go, since that platform’s version will also arrive with a quartet of exclusive missions (giving you a first mover advantage since it is available on the PC and will arrive on other platforms later), in addition to an exclusive skin and a hacking boost pack.

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