google-password-portableToday marks the celebration of World Password Day, and while we are on the topic on the first line of defense when it comes to your online accounts, perhaps it is a good time to remind us that we ought to go through our list of passwords and make the necessary changes just in case it is not strong enough at the moment. World Password Day was created by Intel Security and supported by more than 170 organizations, including Microsoft, Toshiba, and Dell, and has only one request from Internet users – to change one’s passwords.

Robert Siciliano, an online security expert to McAfee, said, ” We found that a lot of users are so overwhelmed about the amount of things they ‘should’ be doing to improve their digital security that they end up doing nothing. So rather than give a laundry list of security advice, we wanted to find one security improvement that people could do in less than five minutes: change their passwords.”

The World Password Day project saw more than one million passwords changed last year, and Siciliano has high hopes that this figure might be able to be overtaken, especially with a fair number of high profile security risks that happened in the past few months, Heartbleed included.

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