chrome64bitIt does seem as though there is a new version of the extremely popular Chrome browser (which you might actually be using right now, reading this story) from Google, where it has arrived in a 64-bit version that is now ready for download in either a Canary or Developer version. Do bear in mind that it is currently in beta testing, but this does not mean that the latest version is gimped in any way. No sir, in fact, it does display promising signs of an increase when it comes to speed, stability, and updated security capabilities. Early users who have given the 64-bit Chrome browser a go have reported it to be stable.

It has been a couple of years since Chrome overtook Internet Explorer in terms of browser market share, and while Internet Explorer continues to be extremely popular out of convenience for many, the Chrome browser has definitely attracted its fair share of new users thanks to its speed as well as speedy interface. This beta version of the 64-bit Chrome can be used if you happen to have a 64-bit system. Canary does come with near daily updates, and hence if you are looking for stability, this is not the version to download, but at least it gives you an extremely early peek into what Google is working on.

As for the Developer version, it caters for folks who want to have an inkling on what Google is working on without sacrificing stability. Do expect its fair share of bugs, but it will not number as many as the Canary build. [Press Release]

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