amazon-logo-largeIt is widely believed that Amazon’s 3D smartphone will be unveiled to the masses later this evening, which would be spot on according to an earlier rumor. Much has been said about the upcoming Amazon smartphone, including its ability to track one’s eyes as well as offer 3D gesture support, not to mention having a design that is allegedly thought up of by the folks over at HTC. Well, Bloomberg claims that the Amazon smartphone was inspired by the Nintendo Wii’s motion sensors that allowed gamers to move display objects around simply by making use of one’s head movements alone, resulting in the idea for a 3D handset sans the need for special glasses as you can see in the video right after the jump.


Amazon does in fact, sport a couple of such projects that have been given the codename Tyto and Otus, where the latter is the more affordable model of the head-tracking phone. Well, the project’s codename has since changed to Duke, and it is touted that Amazon’s phone will feature a quartet of tiny infrared cameras at the front, apart from the usual cameras located in front and at the back. There will be infrared emitters which will bounce off beams from the user’s pupils, tracking their movement, all the while adjusting the image on the screen so that the alleged 3D effect will come into play.

Are you stoked for the new Amazon smartphone?

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