There have been talks that Amazon is working on an Android smartphone of their own. These rumors have followed Amazon ever since they released their first Android tablet, the Kindle Fire, a few years ago, but it looks like that announcement could be closer than ever. Amazon has posted a video onto YouTube (see video above) which is titled, “Find out what these Amazon customers are talking about”.

The video’s description also comes with links to a page on Amazon’s website where users could request for an invite to attend an event Amazon is holding on the 18th of June. While the video does not show off the product directly (no surprises there), the reactions of the people in the video are strongly suggesting that this could be the long-rumored Amazon smartphone.

The comments made by the people in the video, like “It moved with me,” and “It’s very real-life,” followed by some people tilting and moving their heads also suggests that the rumors about the phone having 3D tracking could be real. This would allow users to interact with the device without really having to touch the screen, simply by moving the phone to the left or right.

Now Amazon is pretty late to the smartphone game, especially when companies such as Samsung have managed to establish their dominance. However we expect that just like the Kindle Fire tablets, the Amazon smartphone would run on a forked version of Android, thus attracting a different breed of Android users. Perhaps that and the 3D tracking features could be reason enough to jump ship.

Either way we guess we will find out more about this product launch that Amazon has planned, so check back with us on the 18th of June to find out more.

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