cortana ukCortana is Microsoft’s latest addition to the Windows Phone platform. It brings voice assistant capabilities to the smartphone operating system and if there’s one thing about voice assistants, is that they tend to be a little iffy in the sense that there are times when it understands you, and there are times that it doesn’t.

Naturally developers will have to make improvements all the time to allow the computer to better understand natural language, and the good news is that with Cortana, Microsoft will be planning to update the feature at least twice a month. This was revealed in an interview the Cortana team had with the folks over at Engadget.

The team revealed that they plan on updating Cortana on a twice-per-month cycle, but could potentially increase that number if there is an emergency patch that needs to be released, or  “for things that are timely, urgent or especially badass.” Like we mentioned before, this is one of the advantages of Cortana, which allows it to be updated in the background without Microsoft actually having to push out an update.

This means that the updates might happen without the users knowing, so the experience will be seamless one, with each use seemingly better than the next. There was an update that was previously made to Cortana, according to earlier reports, but it has since been rescinded for unknown reasons, but what do you guys think?

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