DLC or downloadable content is a great way for taking a game, that has already been released, forward. Players simply download a pack to receive new missions or maps. There’s good news for Dark Souls II fans. The title’s developer has posted a video on YouTube revealing that three new DLC episodes are coming their way.

The three new DLC episodes are called The Lost Crowns trilogy. They’ll take players through entirely original areas where they’ll face “a slew of unknown enemies” apart from having to overcome “diabolical” challenges. There will be plenty of opportunity to take on fearsome bosses as well.

Crown of the Sunken King is the first chapter in the trilogy. It will be available in the Americas on July 22nd. It will then be followed by Crown of the Old Iron King and Crown of the Ivory King on August 26th and September 24th respectively. A season pass program will be offered to Steam for PC players in the Americas.

Each episode of the new Dark Souls II DLC can be purchased for $10 separately or for $25 as a bundle. It will be available to players on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Steam season pass will also cost $25. Take a look at the video posted above to see what’s in store!

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