darpa-zmanHave you watched the latest installment of Spiderman on the silver screen? Well, there really isn’t anything not to like about this Spiderman, and I am quite sure that some of us have thought of gaining some sort of superpowers from time to time. Climbing up buildings with ease is definitely worth anyone’s time, and DARPA’s Z-Man program does its fair share into transforming an ordinary human being into a human gecko, so to speak.

The Z-Man project involves polymer microstructure technology that allowed a 218-pound climber to actually ascend and descend 25 feet of glass, all the while toting an extra 50-pound load in one trial, accomplishing all of this without having to make use of any climbing equipment at all, apart from a pair of hand-held, gecko-inspired paddles.

DARPA’s Z-Man program offers maximum safety and flexibility in order for those who are in tight situations to maneuver around, with the program’s main goal being to develop biologically inspired climbing aids so that those who are on the battlefield, carrying a full combat load, are still able to scale vertical walls that are made from typical building materials. Being able to do so with ease would definitely bring up any army’s tactical ability by more than a notch. [Press Release]

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