googlenowtransitalarmaamGoogle Now is a pretty handy service to enjoy, where it will definitely do its part to help folks get around, especially when they happen to be in unfamiliar territory. Apart from that, Google Now also serves up relevant information such as your flight details, navigation information and public transit data, and the technology giant has gone one more step further this time around by improving on Google Now’s public transportation abilities, delivering a feature which will carve a smile on those who commute to and from work via buses and trains – with an alert to let you know of your public transit stop.

Don’t laugh now, there are some of us out there who are simply swamped with the amount of work that we need to do, so much so that our brain zones out whenever we travel on the bus or train. In fact, we take those opportunities to simply rest, and who knows, there might actually be moments when you might miss a stop – or two.

With the latest feature in Google Now, such events can be avoided, since Google Now is able to figure out whenever you are on a mode of public transport, recognizing where your work location and home are. It would mean giving Google greater insight into your whereabouts, a move that might not go down well with some folks, but on the other hand, you do have the added safety net of a stop reminder. Image courtesy of The Atlantic.

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