google nowAccording to our report from last week, Google announced that they had updated Google Now with multi-language support. This means that Google Now will be able to understand up to seven different languages at once, as opposed to the user having to keep switching back and forth in the settings menu.

Sounds good, right? Especially if you’re trying to search for things in a foreign language. That being said, it looks like support for multi-language support has since been delayed. In a statement made to CNET, a Google spokesperson told them that due to some bugs discovered in the final testing phase, they had to delay the feature.

According to the spokesperson, “Multi-language support is complicated stuff and they found some bugs during their final testing phase that they wanted to fix before making the feature generally available.” The feature is now expected to make its way to Google Now later this summer.

As part of the Google Now update, users will be able to use the feature from any screen just by saying “OK Google”. Previously it could only be done in the home screen, but with the update, it can be activated anywhere, even the lock screen, as long as the display has been turned on.

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