google-now-billsAndroid users are probably familiar with Google Now. For those who aren’t, it’s essentially like a voice assistant feature for Android phones where users will be able to command it to find locations, set reminders, and so on, much like Siri for iOS and Cortana for Windows Phone. Now the good news for those who speak multiple languages is that Google has made some updates to Google Now that will make it a true multi-language tool.

As it stands, Google Now recognizes more than 50 languages, but with the update, Google will be allowing users to switch between 7 different languages at any given moment, and Google Now will be able to understand you. All the user has to do is preselect the desired languages and they’d be good to go.

Prior to this, Google Now was pretty much only available via the home screen, so it’s not as convenient as the Moto X where it’d be always listening to you. However with the update, Google has made it so that Google Now can now be launched from any screen, even from the lock screen as long as the display is on.

Oddly enough it seems that it can even be used to bypass the lock screen even if there’s a PIN code on it, so we’re not sure if that could end up being a security risk. In any case the update should be rolling out users soon, so if you haven’t received the notification yet, it should be on its way. In the meantime what do you guys think? Are you excited about the changes Google has made to Google Now?

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