The folks at HP have unveiled a couple of new products today which include the Split x2. The name might sound a bit unusual but its actually quite literal. You can “split” the device and get the best of both worlds. Basically its a notebook/tablet hybrid. There’s a handsome choice of processor options available so its not like users will be strapped for speed. Since they’re not tied to the keyboard dock they can simply detach the tablet and use it on the go.

Among other notebooks unveiled by HP Today are the new Chromebook PC and SlateBook. The latter is a 14-inch full HD touchscreen display touting notebook that’s powered by Android 4.4. The new Chromebook builds up on the Chromebook 11 that was released last year.


When picking up HP’s Split x2 customers will be given the option to choose between Intel Bay Trail or Core i3 and Core i5 Haswell processors. Processors can be paired with up to 8GB of RAM and 500GB of onboard storage. Split x2 has a fanless design and is powered by Windows 8. In tablet mode battery life is claimed to be 5.25 hours, lasting up to 7.75 hours in notebook mode.

The tablet itself is half an inch thick and when attached to the keyboard dock it comes in at 0.9-inches. An additional battery in the dock extends battery life when in tablet mode. HP says the Split x2 hits the market later next month, starting at $600 for the Bay Trail model.

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