2015_genesis_sedan_vlp_exteriorWe’re sure there are more than a few of us who have been pulled over for speeding or who have been caught on camera speeding. However if you drive along a certain road of highway long enough, chances are you will know where the speed cameras are at, but what if it’s a completely new road? What do you do?

Well Hyundai is hoping to solve it for you with the Hyundai Genesis. The Genesis will be Hyundai’s latest car model and will combine both GPS and braking technology together. Basically it will be able to detect when a speed camera is nearby and will help slow your car down so that you are within the legal speed limits so that you won’t get caught on camera and issued a fine.

The system will alert drivers when they are 800 meters away from the camera, which should give them enough time to bring their speeds down within a legal range. However it should be noted that this will only work with fixed speed cameras, so if there are mobile cameras deployed or if there is a patrol car holding a speed gun, then you’d be out of luck. Then again, you probably weren’t supposed to be speeding anyway.

Some have criticized the technology, claiming that it basically allows drivers to drive however fast they want, since the goal is to simply not get caught. While we have to admit that is true, sometimes getting fined because you were 10kmph over the legal range does seem to be unfair, especially if you’re in areas that you’re not familiar with, but what do you guys think?

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