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Hyundai Confirms Talks With Apple For The ‘Apple Car’ Have Ended
The past couple of weeks have been a flurry of Apple Car-related news and rumors, with reports claiming that Hyundai and Apple were in talks to build the company’s rumored “Apple Car”. However, on Friday it was reported that those talks were put on hold and now according to a new report from Bloomberg, those talks have since come to an end.

Apple And Hyundai Talks Over The Apple Car Have Been Put On Hold
Apple’s plans for their own car have been kind of an open secret. While the company has never quite normally acknowledged their plans, all their various hires have certainly suggested as such. This is why it was surprising when Hyundai actually kind of confirmed that they were in talks with Apple to help them build their car.

Apple Could Invest As Much As $3.6 Billion In Kia
The rumors surrounding Apple’s plans for their own electric car don’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. In fact, if anything, it sounds like Apple’s plans are actually speeding up where if the rumors are true, they could sign a deal with Kia as soon as the 17th of February to  establish a production relationship.

Apple Car Could Be Built By Multiple Car Companies
According to the rumors, Apple is said to be in talks with Hyundai about the company possibly helping Apple build the rumored Apple Car. However, given what we know about Apple’s practices when it comes to obtaining components, it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that Hyundai might not be the only company Apple could be working with.


Some Hyundai Execs Aren’t On Board With The Idea Of Helping Apple Build Their Car
A report from earlier this month revealed that Hyundai is/was in talks with Apple to help the company build its own electric car. A subsequent report suggested that the company could hand off the project to Kia, a sub-brand of Hyundai. This would allow Apple to make their car stateside.

Hyundai Limits Human-To-Human Contact With Its DAL-e Robot
Right now, the pandemic is still going on all over the world. While the vaccinations have already begun, it is still generally advised that we should maintain social distancing. To help limit the amount of human-to-human interactions, and possibly to show off its technology, Hyundai has rolled out its DAL-e robot which they will begin piloting at the Hyundai Motor showroom in Seoul, South Korea.

Apple Car Production Reportedly ‘Handed Off’ To Kia
According to recent reports, it seems that Apple’s progress on their electric car is coming along nicely, to the point where Apple is apparently looking for companies to help them make their car. Recently, we heard that Hyundai was the frontrunner to produce the Apple Car, but now a new report suggests otherwise.

Hyundai And Apple Could Sign An Electric Car Deal By March
Word on the street has it that Apple apparently wants to build their own electric car, but obviously the company has no experience doing such a thing so it would make sense for them to partner with someone who does. Recently we heard that Hyundai was one of the potential partners for Apple’s project.

Hyundai Could Help Apple Manufacture Their Apple Car
While it’s interesting that Apple could be interested in making its own cars, we did express our skepticism in their efforts, namely because Apple has no knowledge when it comes to making cars, or at least no experience. However, it turns out that Apple might have a manufacturing partner in Hyundai.

Hyundai And Uber Team Up To Develop Flying Taxis
Right now if you are looking to hire a helicopter to get from one place to another, it isn’t necessarily the cheapest option. However, perhaps in the future, flying personal modes of transportation could become cheaper and more accessible, and that’s a future that both Hyundai and Uber are working towards.

Hyundai Hires NASA Engineer For Its Flying Car Division
Many are wondering what the future looks like in terms of transportation. Will we still be driving cars on the roads 20 years from now? Will we be flying around on personal jetpacks? That remains to be seen, but it seems that Hyundai is interested in flying cars and they are looking to bolster their division with their most recent hire.

Hyundai Shows A 'Walking Car' Concept At CES 2019
You’ve heard all about the different flying car concepts but what about a car that can bust out four legs when you’re just not feeling the traffic? Hyundai Elevate is the company’s “walking car” concept that’s not actually meant to take you over a traffic jam. It would deploy robotic legs to basically walk over rough terrain. The company says that this concept has been designed with first responders in […]

Hyundai Unveils Fingerprint System For Unlocking And Starting A Car
If you have a habit of forgetting your car keys then you would like the new system that Hyundai has just revealed. The new car system will enable drivers to not only unlock their vehicles but also start them with nothing more than their fingerprint. It would essentially be just as easy as picking up your smartphone and unlocking it with your fingerprint. The system will be built into the […]

Select Hyundai And Kia Cars Will Come With Solar Panels
Hyundai and Kia have announced that they’re adopting solar panels for cars in a pretty big way. They plan to introduce solar panels on select vehicles. These panels will be able to generate electricity and will be placed into the roof or hood of the vehicles. They will support the internal combustion, hybrid, and battery electric vehicles by providing additional power to increase fuel efficiency and range.

FTC Warns Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo Over Illegal Warranty Stickers
Last month we reported that the FTC had announced that those “warranty if removed” stickers you sometimes find on gadgets are actually illegal. This isn’t based on a new ruling or recently passed law, but rather it is based on the 1975 Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act that the FTC is just reminding companies about.

Kia And Hyundai Cars Will Feature AI Assistants In 2019
Car manufacturers are increasingly adopting artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistants for future models so it’s not surprising to see two firms with a history of adopting new in-car technology ahead of their rivals throw their hats in the ring as well. Kia and Hyundai have both revealed that their 2019 cars will include artificial intelligence-backed virtual assistants.

Hyundai’s Blue Link Now Offers On-Demand Car Washing Services
Hyundai’s Blue Link is a feature of its cars that has been around for a while now. The app can do a variety of things, such as remotely unlocking the car, and recently with Alexa integration, it can perform actions using just your voice. Now it seems that the app has been updated with new services, such as on-demand car washing.

Hyundai Is Developing A Long-Range Premium Electric Car
More and more legacy car manufacturers are jumping on the electric car bandwagon. Seeing the success that has come Tesla’s way, many manufacturers have now decided that they want a piece of the electric car pie as well. South Korea-based Hyundai has now confirmed that it’s placing electric cars at the center of its future product strategy.

Hyundai Blue Link Now Works With Google Home/Assistant
In futuristic movies, everything seems to be voice controlled, where you can wake up, tell your home AI to read you the news, make a pot of coffee, check the traffic, and so on. That future is almost here as more companies are starting to make their devices smarter than ever. For Hyundai owners, it seems that the company’s Blue Link app just got more functional.

Google Home Can Now Remotely Control Your Hyundai Car
Hyundai’s Blue Link service is an interesting one as basically what it does is that it allows car owners to control their Hyundai vehicle remotely. Obviously smartphone integration is one avenue, but in the past couple of years, we’ve seen it integrated with Android Wear, the Apple Watch, and Alexa-powered speakers.