infinite-dribbleFor those of you who are not living in South America and yet follow the World Cup, how has your sleeping pattern changed in order to accommodate the different kickoff times? What if you continue to think about football throughout the day at the office? Fret not, Google knows how you feel exactly, which is why they have decided to introduce a slew of browser-based mini-games that is known as Kick with Chrome.

This unique and experimental undertaking will see the inclusion of three games that are called Infinite Dribble, Space Kick and Shootout. First of all, you are required to have a smartphone or tablet before you can begin, although there is also the option to make use of your desktop browser as a big screen just in case you need to indulge in some multiplayer goodness.

In Infinite Dribble, you are required to tilt your device in order to control a football as you play the role of an attacking playing, avoiding an endless number of defenders. Space Kick would require you to kick a ball into the air as you drag a cleat around. Last but not least, Shootout would place you up against a virtual goalie as you take on the pressure of trying to score.

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