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Kick With Chrome Lets You Get On With World Cup Fever
For those of you who are not living in South America and yet follow the World Cup, how has your sleeping pattern changed in order to accommodate the different kickoff times? What if you continue to think about football throughout the day at the office? Fret not, Google knows how you feel exactly, which is why they have decided to introduce a slew of browser-based mini-games that is known as […]

Sony Xperia Z2 Is Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Phone
The world’s greatest sporting spectacle (although some might disagree with that statement, touting the Olympics to be an even grander event) known as the 2014 FIFA World Cup is about to kick off really, really soon, so we are proud to bring you word that the sporting event itself does have an official smartphone – which happens to be the Sony Xperia Z2 (aka Sirius). Now, don’t confuse this with […]

World Cup Scores To Be Displayed On London Underground Network
The World Cup is about to kick off in just a few more days’ time, and you can tell that the rest of the world who are not on the same page as Brazil is where time zones are concerned have already made the necessary adjustments to check out one of the world’s most spectacular sporting agendas that comes by once every four years. Folks living in London who would […]

Chromecast Lets You Enjoy WatchESPN, Major League Soccer And Google+ Photos
You can call it many different things – soccer, fútbol, football, jogo bonito, but chances are you will be glued to your TV set as the 2014 FIFA World Cup begins next week. For those who do not have the time and monetary resources to follow a month long festival of football goodness, you can always rely on enjoying in it your living room – with the help of Chromecast, […]


AVAST: Fake Soccer Gaming Apps Are Actually Ads On A Roll
Now that the FIFA World Cup is about to kick off in less than a fortnight’s time over in the spiritual home of soccer (the rest of the world calls it football), Brazil, I am quite sure that many of us footie fans have already bought our favorite team’s jersey to wear as a show of support, gone for some basic face painting classes as well as fire up Electronic […]

Paralyzed Teen To Kick First 2014 World Cup Ball Using An Exoskeleton
The 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off next month in Brazil. Countless fans will make the journey to watch their favorite teams play at the venues while millions of people around the world will tune into the action. The opening ceremony will likely be worth watching but this time around people will also get to witness a demonstration of an exoskeleton being controlled by a human through neural signals.

App Turns Fast Food Trays Into Virtual Football Field
Augmented reality is a pretty cool concept since it is a merging of the real world with technology, like smartphones, tablets, computers, headsets, and so on. It has also been recently used by Giraffas, one of the largest restaurant chains in Brazil who has started promoting the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2014 which will be kicking off in about a month’s time.The promotion will use one of the restaurant’s food […]

Adidas Brazucam Soccer Ball Sports Half Dozen Integrated Cameras
It does seem to be pretty common to see cameras make an appearance in various aspects of our lives, and when it comes to the world of sports, new technologies and better lenses have resulted in ever more intimate angles of our heroes decked out in their jerseys and sports get-up as they attempt to create history or pull off what seems to be an impossible move. Sports equipment giant […]

Cloud blimps to offer shade for World Cup 2022
The very idea of holding the World Cup in the middle of the desert when the year 2022 rolls around isn’t too smart, but now that that’s done and over with, it is time to take the next 10 years by its horns and start solving whatever questions that crop up – among them, how do players, especially those who are so used to cool European climates, able to acclimatized […]

Solafrica Brings Solar Soccer To Africa
Despite the fact that the current World Cup is being held in South Africa, there are a great many folks over there who won’t be able to catch the matches, due to the inability to purchase a ticket or maybe even the lack of electricity. A non-profit organization, Solafrica, will be doing its bit, harnessing the power of the sun to entertain some 1 million folks over there, and it’ll […]

Sky HD Boxes Get The World Cup Fever
Sky is gearing up to fan your World Cup dreams by releasing three limited edition 1TB HD set top boxes. Designed by fashion guru Wayne Hemingway, renowned Illustrator Gerald Scarfe, actor and part-time Blur member Phil Daniels, these boxes are designed to reflect their love of football and what the World Cup means to them. These boxes will be going for £249 ($367) at the end of the month and […]

Samsung S5230 World Cup And LaFleur Editions
The Samsung Star S5230 isn’t exactly a new phone, but Samsung looks like it’s trying to prolong the shelf life of this phone with the announcement of two new editions of it in Germany, the red colored Samsung Star S5230 LaFleur and the white Samsung Star S5230 “Fan Package”, the latter made in conjunction with the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Both phones offer a 3-inch WQVGA display, accelerometer, Bluetooth, HTML […]

FIFA 10 PC Case Mod Looks Hot
It looks like some folks have already caught the World Cup bug, as a FIFA 10 PC case mod was featured at the German Case Modding Championship. Aside from the usual PC specs, the mod also features an integrated BBQ grill, though we’re fairly sure that trying to BBQ a nice steak on this won’t help your computer’s performance. Specifications of the computer contained within this BBQ rig include:

Soccer Ball Remote Control Is In Time For The World Cup
With the World Cup just around the corner, you can expect these soccer ball remote controls to get a healthy spike in sales. Considering that tensions will be high and there will be plenty of shouting when your team fails to score, the fact that this remote control is padded might just be a good thing. It’s pre-programmed for many TV, VCR, satellite and DVD systems, and can be used […]

Heineken Bot Might Be Your Next Best Friend
This is probably just what you need during the next World Cup finals. This robot, aptly called the Heineken Bot, was created by the folks over at Middlesex University, and displayed at the Kinetica Art Fair in London. It’ll steadily make its rounds along a preprogrammed path, and all you have to do is hover your hand above its sonar-sensing head, pop a cup into its holder and you’ll be […]