mirror's edge 2Mirror’s Edge, for those unfamiliar, is a parkour-based video game. It’s played from a first-person perspective and instead of traversing the city in a more conventional method, such as walk, running, using vehicles, and so on, it gets the player to perform parkour moves which is admittedly a pretty cool feature and lends a unique gameplay experience.

Now we know that DICE is working on a Mirror’s Edge 2 and thanks to a teaser image they posted on their Facebook page, we could be looking at a possible piece of concept art from the game, since it does not appear that it is a screenshot from the game itself. The concept image shows off the game’s protagonist, Faith, and has been tagged with #E32014, hinting that we will find out more at the event itself.

Unfortunately apart from the teaser image, not much else is known about Mirror’s Edge 2 at the moment. In fact the concept image shows Faith in a city which does not look too dissimilar from its predecessor, so if you were hoping for a more radical change in environment, then you might be disappointed, although to be fair we guess we’ll just have to wait until the official announcement to find out.

DICE also confirmed last year that Mirror’s Edge 2 will be made for next-gen consoles, like the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, along with the PC, so if you thought that the first Mirror’s Edge had impressive graphics, we could be in for a treat this year.

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