It is said that comparing apples and oranges will not yield the best results or conclusions, which is a given, but there are times when comparison tests cannot be avoided, especially when we are talking about something as massive as Grand Theft Auto 5. This particular game port is not merely a simple port that comes with high fidelity graphics as you can see in the comparison video above, but offers a whole lot more.

It does look as though the folks over at Rockstar have knocked themselves out, making plenty of changes across the board, so much so that some might even venture to say that it feels like an entirely new game. In the PS4 version of GTA 5, Los Santos is teeming with a whole lot more life, where there are numerous more people as well as cars that occupy the roads, while gamers with a heart for the environment will be pleased to note that there are also more trees in the game itself, and additional animals have been prancing around in the wilderness.

Among the technical improvements that have been introduced include higher texture detail, upgraded particle effects, superior lighting with an increased draw distance, in addition to what looks like mild anisotropic filtering to certain eyes. Not only that, post-processing effects including depth of field have also been turned up.

In fact, it is not just purely an update to 1080p resolution, all of the additional pixels have been put to good use as signs, roads, mountains, vehicles, building facades, and heck, even tree trunks themselves look as though they boast of higher-resolution artwork. You can even check out vehicles appear visible from a distance away without suffering from any loss of definition.

We still await word from Rockstar as to what the resolution and frame rate for the upcoming port will be like, but it does seem as though native 1080p for the PS4 version has been nailed down already.

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