nintendo steamGood news gamers! If you were looking forward to additional titles to play on your Nintendo 3DS, you’re in luck because Nintendo has recently announced a new game that will be making its way onto the 3DS come 2015. The game is called Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. and according to a series of tweets by Nintendo of America, it sounds like the game will have a steampunk theme attached to it.

The game will a turn based strategy game with a number of unique features, one of which will be taking advantage of the 3DS’ touch screen. It will also incorporate elements from shooter games to help enhance both the movement and attacks in the game, which is an interesting touch since turn based games can turn out to be quite slow at times.

nintendo steam 2The characters in the game will also run on steam, which we guess might explain the game’s name. The steam is not just for show and will be used to help perform attacks, although each fighter is said to have a limited amount of steam, so we guess it’s a bit like mana in the sense that you can’t just spam your skills.

Nintendo also mentioned that the character designs from the game are inspired by the likes of comic books and artists such as Jack Kirby and Bruce Timm. The game, as you can see in the screenshots, has a certain cell shaded look to them. Some might appreciate it while others might not, but we guess we’ll just have to wait until 2015 to see how it is received.

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