paypal-psstoreGamers, heads up! Especially those of you out there who happen to have a surplus of funds in your PayPal account and are wondering just what to do with it. How about using it to purchase games on the PlayStation Store? You are now able to make use of your PayPal account to fund your PSN wallet. First of all, you will obviously need to opt for PayPal as a payment method of choice after dropping by the Sony Entertainment Network website and logging in to your PSN account. Of course, credit cards and the PSN Card are still not out of vogue, but since we live in a world where options are aplenty, why not?

Do bear in mind that the PayPal option is only available for US, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina consumers, so those of you living elsewhere are out of luck – for the moment, at least. In order to fund your PSN Wallet using PayPal over the PS3 or PS4, all that you need to do is to add the item you’d like to purchase to your shopping cart, select the [Proceed to cart option]. Following that, choose [Add Funds], before picking the PayPal option.

The web browser will boot up, from where you are able to pick from several different amounts in order to fund your wallet. Select the amount you would like to throw in and choose [Continue]. You can then log into your PayPal account before completing the funding portion of the transaction successfully, and just to make sure no security issues will arise, your PayPal account information is kept away from your SEN account.

Depending on the outcome, the messages that you might see would be “Your transaction was successful.”, “There may be a delay in processing the transaction.” and “Your transaction was unsuccessful.”

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