razer h440 2Razer is a company probably best known for their gaming accessories and peripherals. They have made keyboards, mice, headsets, and have even dabbled in speakers. However it looks like they could soon be entering the PC chassis market. Unveiled during E3 2014, Razer showed off a PC chassis in the form of the NZXT H440.

razer h440 3Wait, isn’t NZXT a brand by itself? You’re right, it is, so technically Razer did not make the chassis from ground up, but rather worked with the folks at NZXT to develop a “Design by Razer” series of cases, with the NZXT H440 being the first of their efforts. The Razer case will be based on the NZXT H440, but Razer has made some slight modifications to it.

razer h440For starters, they removed any color trimmings from the case, opting for an all black exterior and interior, save for the Razer logo on the front and some green LEDs at the back. They also opted for a more cloudy and tinted side view window over the clear window that comes with the H440, and have also tweaked it in a way that should allow for better airflow. We haven’t tested it ourselves so we can’t speak to its effectiveness yet.

razer h440 4Due to the tweaks and changes along with the Razer branding, it seems that the company will be opting to sell the case slightly more expensive than NZXT. The original H440 is priced at $120, while Razer’s option will be sold at $150 starting in July. It is admittedly more expensive than most cases, but if you’re all about the aesthetics, then perhaps $150 could be justified.

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