robot-valetTraveling is an adventure by itself, as many a well-heeled or jet set person will be able to tell you. Open yourself to the unexpected, and you will see just how beautiful our world is. However, in our jam-packed lives, preparing to travel itself can be quite stressful, and so is making your way to the airport. For those of us who prefer not to settle for long term parking at the airport, taking a cab or other forms of public transport are viable options. However, if you’re going to drive to the airport, hunting for a parking spot can also be a problem. Not so for travelers at Duesseldorf airport in Germany, as they will soon be able to let the robot valet handle their rides.

According to an airport spokesperson, the robot that has been given the nickname Ray will begin work on Tuesday, and is bookable via a smartphone app. All that you need to do is to park your car at a designated area, confirm that it is empty, and Ray (along the rest of his robotic colleagues, of course) will then carefully handle your car to any of the empty 249 parking spaces that have been specially reserved for robots.

It is touted that the machine which resembles a forklift is capable of handling any kind of car that does not weigh more than 3 metric tons. It will cost you 29 euros ($39.43) each day, helping save the time required when looking for a parking spot, coming in handy if you’re running late.

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