samsung-trial-programThere are some instances in life where there is no trial run – when the time arrives, one has to bite the bullet and go through it. One example would be giving birth – you can have all the theoretical knowledge, but the day baby wants to make an exit from mother’s womb, then all of that theory would not offer much comfort. Other things in life, however, can be tested before the real deal, such as answering past year exam questions to get a gist of how things might be like. Another would be testing out a smartphone or tablet to see if it suits your lifestyle or not before making a purchase decision. Samsung knows this, which is why they have just introduced a 21-day trial program.


While the thought of carrying the latest Samsung mobile devices around for three weeks without having to pay for it sounds glamorous to some, do bear in mind that Samsung also has its fair share of conditions to protect itself. You will first need to head to one out of five US locations in order to pick up your device, where credit or debit card details have to be supplied for verification and security purposes. Basically, your card will be charged first, before the full amount is refunded should you return an undamaged device.

Do you think this modus operandi will catch on in the long run? I wonder what would happen to these trial devices that have been returned, will they be sold on the cheap? [Press Release]

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