smokioSmoking kills, and I am quite sure that this has been more or less the general consensus among many people for a fair number of years now. However, the so-called threat of having a shortened lifespan does not seem to be large enough to get people to stop, or even to prevent them from getting started. What if the tables were turned, with the Smokio electronic cigarette being able to add to the years of your life with each puff? Not literally, but through information.

The Smokio ec-cig works this way – it is hooked up to an app that runs on your smartphone, where your vital statistics would be shown each time you vape, never mind that your smartphone is not in sight. The app itself is capable of keeping track on just how often you “light up”, so to speak, as well as the amount of nicotine that is in your body. It will inform you on the amount that you have been smoking, the total costs involved, and encouragement to help you to stop the habit.

Not only that, it will also let you see just how your life expectancy is increased through the sheer number of days simply by making the switch from a regular cigarette to that of an e-cigarette. Do you think that e-cigs are a viable alternative, or should quitting cold turkey be the best way of getting around it?

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