solar-impulse2How does it feel like to travel around the world, and to do so in one of the greenest ways possible? No, we are not going to embark on a journey around the earth in 80 days on a hot air balloon, but rather, to see the world in the Solar Impulse 2. The Solar Impulse 2 happens to be a lightweight aircraft that is capable of climbing close to 6,000 feet while remaining in the air for over 2 hours, thanks to the power of the sun that it harnesses.

This Swiss-made solar-powered airplane has managed to complete its first test flight with flying colors earlier this week, having remained in the sky for two hours and 17 minutes at a height of 6,000 feet before it touched down on terra firma safe and sound. The Solar Impulse 2 team shared, “Today, Solar Impulse 2 has achieved its maiden flight. It is a great moment for everyone who has built this revolutionary solar airplane.”

Needless to say, one is able to tell from the name of the aircraft alone that this is a sequel to its predecessor, the Solar Impulse. Sporting a wider wingspan, lighter materials, as well as a more efficient engine, the pilot too, will be able to enjoy the flight even more thanks to an upgraded cabin. The entire shebang tips the scales at 2.3 tons, and it has wings that have been outfitted with approximately 17,000 solar cells that measure 135 microns thick to help it get going day and night without the need to stop for any refueling sessions.

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