playstation tvOne of the unique aspects of the Nintendo Wii U is the fact that the Wii U GamePad can be used as a secondary screen in which gamers can use to play games on in the event that the main TV is in use. This is a pretty cool feature as it also allows the gamer to take their gaming to anywhere in the house, like in the comfort of their own room, the kitchen, heck, even the toilet.

Sony has something similar in the form of the PlayStation TV. This device was actually launched back in 2013 as the PlayStation Vita TV, but Sony has recently announced during E3 2014 that the device would be making its way to Europe later this year in the form of the PlayStation TV. The device is expected to retail for €99 although Sony did not mention any specific dates in which we can expect its release.

According to Sony, this is pretty much the same device as last year’s PlayStation Vita TV. It will adopt the same chipset and system software as the previous system and will measure x 10.5cm. It is also expected to come with 1GB of storage along with ports such as Ethernet, USB, and support Vita game cards and memory cards, along with WiFi.

It will allow gamers to play games from their PlayStation 4 onto another system in their home that is connected to the PlayStation TV, so just like the Wii U’s GamePad, if someone else is watching the main TV where your PS4 is connected to, you will be able to use the PS TV to continue your gaming, or thanks to its HDMI cable, you can also watch videos.

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