bungie-destinyAfter working on the franchise for so many years, Bungie will be kicking off a new franchise in the form of Destiny. Now the alpha of the game will be launched for PlayStation gamers starting from today until the end of the weekend, with the beta to kick off in July. Safe to say with Bungie’s success with Halo, many gamers are expecting great things from Destiny, and apparently so is Sony.

Speaking to the folks at CVG, SCEE boss Jim Ryan told them that he believed that Destiny would be the game that would lead PlayStation 4 sales later this year, and would even beat out other titles such as The Last of Us, FIFA, Call of Duty, and Far Cry 4. Those are some pretty bold claims, especially since the titles he mentioned are all highly anticipated as well.

According to Ryan, “If I had to pick one, it’d probably be Destiny. We’re partnered up with Activision on that. The intensity and depth that the two organizations are working at is something I’ve never seen before.” He also notes that despite the game being available on multiple platforms, that the PS4 version will be the “main prize”.

Activision recently revealed that they will be sinking in as much as $500 million into the game. This will cover the cost of creating the game as well as marketing and promoting it. Given that that’s half a billion dollars we’re talking about, we can only hope that Sony’s predictions will come true, and that Activision’s bet will pay off.

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