mario.kart.8.s4Prior to the release of Mario Kart 8, Nintendo’s Wii U console wasn’t exactly selling like hotcakes. However after the release of the game, reports revealed that there was a surge in the sales of the console. Prior to the game’s release, it was reported that the console managed to sell a little over 8,000 units a week in Japan, but post-Mario Kart 8, those numbers shot to over 19,000 units.


However it looks like perhaps the hype and excitement over Mario Kart 8 has begun to subside because according to a report from Famitsu, it has been revealed that Wii U sales in Japan are back to “normal” levels. According to their recent numbers ending on the 22nd of June, it was revealed that 8,373 units of the Wii U were sold in Japan that week.

In fact that number is even lower than what Wii U sales were prior to Mario Kart 8’s release, which was set at 8,858 the week before. The report also goes on to state that Wii U sales have been declining after peaking at 19,000 units, dropping to 12,000, and then to 10,000, and now we guess we’re back in the 8,000 range and hopefully it won’t drop any lower.

Mario Kart 8 also lost its number 1 spot in Japan where it was replaced Pokemon Art Academy. This probably isn’t good news for Nintendo, although to be fair it did seem like a stretch to expect Wii U sales to be maintained just for one game. However with new games like Zelda for the Wii U and Super Smash Bros., hopefully those games will help reignite Wii U sales once again.

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