xiaomi-indiaIn April this year, we did bring you word that Xiaomi has plans to sell smartphones across another 10 more markets in 2014, although the China-based company did not provide the exact time frame as to when and where that will happen. Well, why not start working your way downwards? After all, China is the world’s most populous country, so it makes sense to go down the food chain if you have extremely affordable handsets to sell, and so it seems that Xiaomi has targeted their crosshairs on India next. In fact, Xiaomi has already begun preparations by launching an Indian website not too long ago, with Hugo Barra, Xiaomi’s Vice President, sharing that over Google+.

This makes sense, as Hugo Barra did share on how he intends to develop Xiaomi to be the next Google or Amazon, and with Amazon having launched their Fire Phone earlier this morning, entering the Indian market might be a crucial and strategic move for Xiaomi in the long run. Imagine owning the smartphone market in two of the world’s most populous countries, and you have got quite a revenue base to begin with.

It remains to be seen, however, just what kind of devices will Xiaomi put up on offer over in India, but chances are with the economic situation of the majority there, the handsets will most probably be the budget oriented kinds.

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