11373-10228_android_malware_600_super-e1354639316566Malware on smartphones is a pretty common occurrence. This can take place when you download apps from third-party app stores that might not be verified, or if you simply click on links in emails and websites that could install malware on your device. So how does one protect themselves?


Well like we said, avoid clicking on suspicious links and downloading apps from verified stores like Google Play would be a good place to start, but what about anti-virus apps? Are those useful? Well if you thought that they worked great on computers, why not phones, right? Well according to Google’s Android Security Chief, Adrian Ludwig, apparently not.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Ludwig claimed that 99% of Android users won’t benefit from anti-virus apps. He also claims that security software companies are exaggerating the problem in a bid to sell more software.

According to Ludwig, “I don’t think 99% plus users even get a benefit from [anti-virus]. There’s certainly no reason that they need to install something in addition to [the security we provide]. If I were to be in a line of work where I need that type of protection it would make sense for me to do that. [But] do I think the average user on Android needs to install [anti-virus]? Absolutely not.”

It is unsurprising that Ludwig has taken that stance, but what do you guys think? Are anti-virus apps on Android devices overrated and unnecessary? Or do you think that malware on mobile devices is a serious threat that can be mitigated or prevented with such apps?

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