There are some people out there in the world today who have incredible aim and accuracy when firing a gun, arrow, throwing a ball into a basket, shooting darts, and so on. Alternatively there are those who are horrible shots, but thanks to technology, even the worst sniper in the world will be able to land their target blindfolded.

This is thanks to DARPA who has been developing a smart bullet called EXACTO (EXtreme ACcuracy Tasked Ordinance). It is essentially a bullet that will be able to hone in on its target with precision, taking into account external factors such as wind. What this means is that even if you were to miss on purpose, the bullet would be able to correct itself and hit your target. The only effort on your part would be pulling the trigger.

DARPA has since released footage from EXACTO, showing off its accuracy which you can check out in the video above. Unfortunately the video quality itself is pretty grainy and fuzzy, but DARPA has included trails so that you can see the path of the bullet. So far we have to admit that it looks pretty impressive and you can see how the bullet has curved to compensate the fact that it was purposely aimed to miss the target.

It is unclear when EXACTO will be put to real-world use, but as it stands it seems that it is still in development. At the same time this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of smart guns that can help its user make accurate shots. Back in 2013 we reported on a smart rifle that offered up features that allowed for accurate shooting.

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