gamebenchAn engineer who used to be attached to ARM Holdings has come up with what is deemed to be an “uncheatable” benchmark which will remain in the background in order to obtain information on performance statistics of your smartphone. This is in stark contrast to previous incidents that involved popular benchmarks such as AnTuTu that have been “optimized” by major smartphone manufacturers in order to prop up the scores of a particular device.

Gamebench is an app that will actually remain in the background, working quietly without much notice while you duke it out on an Android handset, and it will continue to monitor and log details such as performance and battery drain. Points are awarded based on the ability of the device to maintain a continuously high frame rate, while it will be penalized should it experience a far faster battery drain than normal.

Hence, it can be said that it is virtually impossible to cheat on the overall score, since any kind of artificial boosting of the clock speed will result in a faster battery drain – evening the final score out if such an “optimization” benchmarking route is taken. You can download the Gamebench app from the Google Play Store.

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