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TikTok App Was Downloaded More Than Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram in 2019
Sometimes the number of downloads and similar stats hint at how popular an app (or service) is.TikTok is already a quite popular app but it looks like it is apparently more popular than Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram in 2019 if we look at the download stats.According to a report by Sensor Tower, India was responsible for nearly 45% of first-time users.Overall, TikTok app ended the year 2019 as the second […]

Google Play Store Not Working: 10 Proven Fixes
Google Play Store comes installed on most Android smartphones. If the Google’s Play Store stops working on your device for some reason, there would be a hell lot of issues you would encounter. First, you will not be able to keep the applications up-to-date. Second, you will have to download new applications from 3rd Party Android app stores, which adds a security risk to your device.Would you be willing to expose your […]

Google Offers Limited Time Offer For Movie Rental From Play Store
I would like to think that everyone out there are willing to do their bit to save as much money as possible, which makes plenty of sense, really, especially when you consider how we are living in economically challenging times. Having said that, catching a movie is always a good way to escape from the day’s dreariness, and Google might have just the tonic for you. Basically, as long as […]

Best Google Play Store Alternatives
The Google Play Store is the go-to place for most Android users to download apps. It is secure, reliable and has the biggest (Android) app collection with over 1.6 millions apps. However, there are other app stores, which might not have such a huge app collection, but they do have unique features that are worth looking at.They may offer paid apps for free (legally), filter specific types of apps, or […]


Play Store Raises Maximum APK Size To 100MB
It looks like the folks over at Google are feeling generous enough to raise the Google Play Store’s maximum APK size to hit the 100MB size, which would be double of its previous limit at 50MB. This is definitely progress in the right direction, as mobile devices that run on the Android mobile operating system these days end up being more and more powerful, so much so that apps will […]

Google Reviews Play Store Apps Manually
When it comes to the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, one of the major separating points would be the fact that Apple employees will first need to manually review those apps prior to making them available for download to the masses, whereas Google decided to be more amicable in the sense where a hands-off approach will do, trusting Android developers to not have any kind of ill will […]

Project Tango With 4GB RAM Appears On Play Store
Now here is a rather large tablet that we might not have noticed before – the Project Tango from Google which is accompanied by 4GB RAM, having made an appearance over at the Play Store. This is the first Project Tango tablet which actually made its way over to the Play Store, and do bear in mind that this happens to be a developer kit and does not target the […]

Amazon Appstore Part Of Android App Now
I am rather confident that a slew of Android users out there would not mind seeing the addition of Amazon Appstore right smack to the heart of their Android handset, making it a second marketplace for them to check out apps and other reasonably interesting items along the way. Of course, not everyone will be technologically savvy, and to arrive at the Amazon Appstore and perform an installation can be […]

Google Play Store Set To Show Price Ranges For In-App Purchases
What do you think of the freemium model that many apps adopt these days? I personally do not like it – it is somewhat even more frustrating than just a demo, since expectations are tempered somewhat while playing a demo, as you know just how many levels there are available that you can enjoy before you need to make the decision to play the game. As for freemium games, they […]

Google Cleans Up Swing Copters Clones From Play Store
They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it is certainly interesting to note that Dong Nguyen’s Swing Copters has already seen a fair number of clones hit the Play Store not too long after it was released. Being more of a vertical version of Flappy Bird, Swing Copters’ clones has pushed the real game down the pecking order so much so that the chances of actually […]

Google Removes Gaza-Themed Android App
Politics and religion can be extremely sensitive topics that one should not tread upon, especially if you are just about to meet with someone new, or one whom you are not familiar with. Having said that, the current conflict that is going on between Israel and Palestine has earned a breather thanks to a 72-hour ceasefire, and we can only sit tight and keep our fingers crossed that the politicians […]

HTC Clock App In Google Play Store
Hardware manufacturers these days seem to want to introduce changes in their software to the masses using app stores instead of going through firmware updates with mobile carriers. Case in point, we did bring you word earlier this week concerning the HTC default keyboard that can be downloaded via the Google Play Store, and now it seems as though HTC has also taken the same route with its HTC Clock […]

HTC Sense Input App On Google Play Store
There are some manufacturers these days who intend to push out updates in the form of apps on platforms such as the Google Play Store instead of rolling out these changes in the form of a firmware update. This move would allow the app to be downloaded at the user’s convenience without having to wait (patiently at ties) for a carrier update. HTC has jumped aboard the bandwagon with their […]

Google Play Store Material Design Makeover Arrives In Part
Good things come to those who wait, but for those of us out there who are tapping our fingers impatiently in the direction of Google as we heard whispers of a Material Design update for its entire range of products on the Android system, that day when such an update is rolled out officially cannot come soon enough. Well, it does seem as though Google is not going to sit […]