Ever since last summer’s leaks about the U.S. National Security Agency’s electronic spying programs there has been much criticism about these actions, not only from the public who believe they are unfairly being monitored but from the country’s allies as well which found through the leaks that they were being snooped upon as well. German Chancellor Angela Merkel wasn’t pleased at all when it was reported that her phone had been tapped. In a bid to keep its data more secure the German parliament’s National Security Agency is now considering a move to manual typewriters.

Chairman of the parliament’s committee, Patrick Sensburg, said yesterday that they already have a non-electronic typewriter in place and may expand the use of the outdated machinery. The move comes after an employee of a German spy agency was arrested for leaking information to the U.S.

Germany isn’t the only country turning to typewriters to prevent leaks. Last year the Kremlin decided to spend nearly $15,000 to purchase typewriters for this very purpose.

In the wake of this spying row Germany has already expelled the CIA station chief in the country. They’re not resting easy though. Sensburg publicly announced that he would have a security audit performed on his smartphone and will also ask other chairmen and committee members to do the same.

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