There’s a commonly known Google Search trick that allows you to perform currency conversions without having to go to any website. Simply type something like “5 GBP to USD” and Google Search itself will perform the currency conversion based on the prevailing rate. All conventional and major currencies are supported by this feature which now receives support for one of the most popular virtual currencies, Bitcoin. It is now possible to perform Bitcoin price conversions using Google Search.

This isn’t the first time that Google has embraced Bitcoin. Just last month Google Finance teamed up with Coinbase to launch a price tracker which enables Bitcoin-to-flat price conversions across a plethora of global currencies. This feature not only works on but also on the Google Search app for smartphones.

So how does this work again? One can simply ask the search engine for “price of BTC” or “bitcoin price” and they’ve see the equivalent price in USD return in the search results. Commands like “how many bitcoin are in 500 euros?” will work as well.

As it does with conventional currency conversions Google puts up a disclaimer which says that the real-time value might not be reflected by the resulting search.  But its a great tool nonetheless to get a quick idea of what a Bitcoin is going for these days.

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