Hand holdingEarlier this year, Google unveiled a smart contact lens that had the ability to measure glucose levels. Why is this important? Well it allows wearers with diabetes to constantly measure their glucose levels throughout the day, with the results being sent to their mobile phones, thus allowing patients with diabetes to better manage their ailment more easily.

This is opposed to current methods which involves pricking the finger to draw blood to test sugar levels which can be painful and not very convenient if you’re constantly on the move all day. That being said, Google has since licensed out the technology to Novartis who will be making the device a reality. Novartis will be assigning their eye care subsidiary, Alcon, to develop the contact lens into a commercial product.

According to a statement by Google’s co-founder, Sergey Brin, “Our dream is to use the latest technology in the miniaturization of electronics to help improve the quality of life for millions of people. We are very excited to work with Novartis to make this dream come true.”

Novartis expects that this technology will help those with diabetes better manage their disease better, and for those living with presbyopia who can no longer read with glasses, which is an area in which the smart lens will supposedly help with. There is no word on when Novartis/Alcon will be able to make the device a commercial reality, but we guess it’s good to know that they are on the right path.

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