This is the first time we have heard about this particular Huawei smartphone which the company has said nothing about at this point in time. It is believed to be the Huawei Ascend D3. A couple of pictures of this handset have leaked online and if the unit seen in the pictures didn’t have a Huawei logo one would almost find themselves believing that its actually the HTC One Max. Looks like HTC’s phablet was a major source of inspiration for the designers of the Ascend D3.

Obviously its not a blatant clone of the HTC One Max but the similarities simply can’t be missed. There are subtle differences as well such as the fact that the D3 doesn’t appear to have stereo speakers and the front bezels seem to be thinner than they are on HTC’s phablet.

HTC One Max has a 5.9-inch display and by looking at these pictures it almost seems like this Huawei smartphone would have a display of similar size. The cutout in the back evidently shows where Huawei plans to add a fingerprint sensor, its quite similar to HTC’s implementation of the sensor on its phablet.

Specifications of this Huawei smartphone are unknown at this point in time. We’ll probably see a few more rumors by the time its ready to hit the market so we may have that information soon enough.

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