line hiddenOne of the downsides to downloading new messenger apps is that you have to make sure your friends are using it too, otherwise there won’t be anyone to send messages to! That being said, if you’re a LINE user you might be pleased to learn that the app has recently been updated and has gained a Hidden Chat function.


As you can see in the screenshot above, it basically lets you send messages to your friends as hidden messages/photos. The photos and messages won’t display automatically and users have to click on it before it loads, after which it will disappear depending on the timer the sender has set for it.

This is similar to other messaging apps like Snapchat where you can send messages and photos to your friends without worrying about them resurfacing later since none of it is stored on the phone itself. Like we said, this will be handy if you’re a heavy LINE user and you don’t want to spend your time convincing your friends to download alternate messaging apps in order to send self-destructing text and messages.

However as noted by LINE, “This feature is unsupported on Chinese and Japanese accounts and on the BlackBerry, Firefox, Nokia, Windows Phone, and PC versions of LINE.” Based on this, we can only assume that only the iOS and Android versions of the app will have this feature, so for everyone else, it looks like you guys will have to wait for it.

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