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Toyota And LINE To Bring AI Voice Commands To Cars In 2019
#CEATEC2018 – LINE is a messaging app that some of you might not be familiar with, but over in Asia, the app is incredibly popular such as over in Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan. LINE is also more than just a messaging app as they have expanded their services over the years, and now it looks like they’ll be teaming up with Toyota to bring AI to cars.

Messaging App Line Launches Its Own Cryptocurrency
Line, the Japanese messaging app that’s quite popular in Asia, has announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency called Link. The idea is to bring in more users and retain them. The Link token will be given away for free to users when they complete certain activities. This lets Line get its token out to users without conducting an initial coin offering and asking them for money upfront for the […]

Messaging Company Line Launches Cryptocurrency Fund
Line is a messaging service that’s particularly popular in Asia. The messaging app has more than 200 million users largely focused in markets like Thailand, Japan, and Taiwan. It has been making significant moves recently into the cryptocurrency space. The company launched its BitBox crypto exchange last month but it’s not available in the United States or Japan due to regulatory challenges. It has now announced the launch of a […]

Line Launching Cryptocurrency Exchange Next Month
Popular cross-platform messaging app Line has confirmed that it’s going to launch a cryptocurrency exchange called BitBox in July. The move isn’t surprising as Line had said back in January this year that it was thinking about entering the crypto game with an exchange. Line has clarified today, though, that its exchange won’t be open to customers based in the United States and Japan likely due to regulatory uncertainty.


Chat App LINE To Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency Exchange In Japan
Chances are if you don’t live in Asia, the LINE messenger app might not be one that’s familiar to you, but over in Asia, especially in markets like Japan, Korea, and Thailand, the app is huge where there are actual cafes dedicated to the LINE characters that appear in the app as stickers and emoticons.

Japanese App Helps Pregnant Women Find Seats On The Train
In many countries, you can find signs on buses and trains that lets commuters know that should they encounter someone elderly, or a parent with a young child, or someone who’s handicapped, or a pregnant woman, that they should offer them a seat. Over in Japan, however, it seems that they have decided to go about this in a more hi-tech manner using an app.

LINE Messenger App Update Makes Sharing YouTube Videos Easier
It used to be back in the day that one app performed pretty much one task. However given that switching between apps isn’t quite as quick compared to on the PC, swapping between apps can sometimes be slow and troublesome. However for those who use the LINE messenger app, Naver has updated the app to help make sharing YouTube links easier.

Court Grants Woman Divorce After Being ‘Ghosted’ By Husband
In life sometimes there are uncomfortable moments in which we do not want to deal with them, so instead we ignore them, which is usually not the best idea. In fact in recent times when it comes to dating and relationships, a term called “ghosting” has actually been coined which pretty much refers to what we talked about above.

Line BlackBerry Support Ends This July
Popular cross-platform messaging service Line, which boasts more than 220 million users across the globe, today made an important announcement concerning those who access its service on BlackBerry handsets and other legacy platforms. The company confirmed that Line BlackBerry support is officially going to end later this year. The Line app for BlackBerry will be discontinued in July this year and will no longer be possible to create new accounts […]

Messaging App LINE To Get Its Own Digital Assistant ‘Clova’
When it comes to digital assistants, it seems that every company out there is interested in making their own as opposed to piggybacking on existing platforms. Apple has Siri, Google has Google Assistant, Amazon has Alexa, Microsoft has Cortana, Samsung reportedly has Bixby, SoundCloud has Hound, and now LINE appears to be getting its own as well.

Line Is Developing Its Own Alexa Rival
Popular messaging app Line has revealed that it’s working on its very own digital assistant, something not unlike Amazon’s Alexa. The company is going to call its assistant Clova. It hasn’t provided a lot of details about the virtual assistant at this point in time but does say that it wants the AI-powered assistant to work in its apps and hardware made by other companies. Line promises that Clova will […]

LINE Messenger App Updated With 360-Degree Photos Support
With social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, accessing and uploading 360-degree photos or videos isn’t an issue. However what if you want to share those photos and videos with your friends? We guess you’d have to link it to them, but if you use the LINE messenger app, you won’t have to anymore.

LINE Messenger Gets Self-Destructing Posts
One of the unique features of the LINE messaging app versus other messaging apps is the fact that it also functions as a social network of sorts. Users can upload photos and update their status, where users who are their friends can like and comment on them. Each user even has their own mini profile page.

Line Developing Its Own Slack Rival
Slack is a workplace communication solution that’s increasingly becoming popular, some major tech companies are now working to create a similar solution of their own. Line, one of the biggest cross-platform messaging services in the world, has announced today that it’s also developing a new workplace messaging solution. The unnamed solution might take some inspiration from Slack, Line says that its new product will be released first in Japan by […]

End-To-End Encryption Comes To Line Messenger
Popular cross-platform messaging services are gradually adding end-to-end encryption to their offerings as users seek out services that offer them better protection and privacy features. Line is pretty big in many parts of the world and it boasts hundreds of millions of users who will now be delighted to find out that their preferred instant messaging service now supports end-to-end encryption.

LINE Chat App Makes $270 Million A Year From Sticker Sales Alone
In some parts of the world like Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan, chat app LINE is extremely popular to the point where there are cafes set up in its name, and there are also stores which sells merchandise like soft toys, t-shirts, and so on, all of which feature a variety of characters from the stickers used in the app.

WhatsApp Found To Be The Most Popular Messaging App In The World
In certain countries, there are certain messaging apps that users prefer. For example over in Thailand, messaging apps like LINE are more popular, while over in China, they might prefer WeChat. However generally speaking, a report from Similar Web has found that WhatsApp remains the most popular messaging app in the world.

LINE Updated With Group Voice Calls
With there being so many chat and messaging apps, just because an app was released first doesn’t mean that it is guaranteed to stick around. Now LINE has been out for many years now and is still a favorite amongst users in countries like Japan and Thailand, just to name a few, and recently the app has undergone an update that brings group voice calling features.

LINE Shuts Down MixRadio Streaming Service
Back in 2014, messaging app LINE bought MixRadio from Microsoft. For those unfamiliar, MixRadio was probably one of the earlier music streaming services from back in the day and was originally launched by Nokia, at least until Microsoft acquired the company in which MixRadio was part of the deal.

Indonesian Government Wants To Ban All “Gay” Emojis
In the recent years, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, along with messaging apps like WhatsApp, LINE, and etc. have grown to become more inclusive and thoughtful about people from different backgrounds and sexual preferences. For example Facebook allowed users to turn their profile photos into rainbows to show support for same-sex marriage.