We have all made this decision at some point in our Netflix binge watching sessions. We take a chance on some B-movie only because we’re curious or because we think that it might be fun to watch. Now the problem is that the title gets logged in your Netflix history, it influences recommendations and if your Facebook is hooked up then all of your friends can find out what embarrassing movie you watched.  This almost makes you yearn for an incognito mode, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what Netflix is testing out.

The feature is called “privacy mode” and what it does is pretty simple. It won’t keep track of any titles you watch in privacy mode, there will be no posts to Facebook and perhaps best of all, the title will not influence future recommendations.

So Netflix users can watch their guilty pleasures, whatever they might be, without fear of proverbially getting caught by friends and family. It will aid users who tend to share their Netflix accounts. Though the online streaming service streamlined account sharing by allowing users to create separate profiles, which keeps the queues and recommendations for each user separate.

Netflix is testing privacy mode across all of its markets and the test can go on for a few months. However not all users will have access to it during the test period. General roll out depends upon how the feature performs in these tests, there is a possibility that Netflix might shelve the feature if its not satisfied.

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