dq-streamingStreaming games onto dedicated consoles might not be such a bad idea after all, and it has been happening for some time already since consoles generally have beefed up hardware specifications to handle such a task, but on a handheld? Apparently, those who own a Nintendo 3DS over in Japan will be able to enjoy Dragon Quest X Online (DQXO) this coming September 4th through the joys of streaming, which means there is no longer any need to insert a cartridge or memory card into your beloved 3DS.

Apparently, DQXO on the Nintendo 3DS will rely on streaming technology that is not too far removed from that of PlayStation Now or OnLive, which means you will need a decent Internet connection to have a go at it. One major drawback would be the inability to enjoy the game as is, whenever and wherever you are at your convenience since everything loads from the local cart or internal storage, but don’t you think that the joys of online gaming far outweighs the loneliness of a single player experience? After all, DQXO is an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) to begin with, so it makes perfect sense to play it with a dedicated Internet connection in the vicinity.

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