Despite efforts from content owners that spare no expense to stop piracy on the internet the fact remains that it is almost impossible to stop the flow of pirated content online. Even in this day and age when DMCA notices and lawsuits are commonly served upon infringers a service like Popcorn Time not only exists but thrives. Initially the service did fall down to legal eagles but it has existed as an open source project since with several forks coming online. One such fork has not only released a Popcorn Time app for Android but is now also working on support for Chromecast.

Popcorn Time is a free service that many have dubbed as the “Netflix of torrents.”  The idea is simple. Pirated movie or TV shows are displayed in a Netflix-like grid from where users can choose what to watch. They can then view the stream while the torrent downloads in the background.

The fork is being developed by the Time4Popcorn team. In the past few months they have released an Android application and have even added support for VPNs. They are now working on Chromecast support which would allow users to beam pirated content straight to the big screen.

The Windows app today gets Chromecast support but its still in alpha phase so there might be a few bugs at first. The team has said that they’re also developing the feature for Mac and Android so soon anyone with this $35 dongle will be able to stream Popcorn Time to their TVs without any wires.

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