contraceptive-chipBirth control is an issue that remains divisive, depending on which point of view you approach the situation from. For those who want contraceptives to be even more effective, technology has advanced to such a point where a small chip that has been implanted under a woman’s skin could be able to release hormonal birth control for up to 16 years, now how about that for a true long term solution? This particular idea will enter pre-clinical trials from 2015 onward.

MicroCHIPS of Lexington Massachusetts hopes that their idea of a safe and long term birth control method which allows you to forget will enter the market as soon as it gains the relevant approval from the necessary authorities. The chip itself measures 20mm x 7mm, where it can last for up to 16 years. Each day, this chip will deliver a daily dose of 30mg of levonorgestrel, which happens to be used across different hormonal contraceptives and emergency contraceptives at the moment. Should a couple intend to conceive, the chip can be turned off – and turned on again as and when required.

Apart from birth control, there are other positive implications for such a chip. Imagine using the very same reservoir to place other drugs inside that can be released on demand, or according to a schedule beforehand. This will work great with medication for depression, as it also avoids the possibility of overdosing since the patient is unable to amass a bunch of pills and swallow them whole at once.

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