samsung-galaxy-s5-review-013It is safe to say that if you like displays with saturated colors and high contrast, Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays are the way to go. This is not a bad thing because it helps images look more vibrant and really “pops” on the screen. However we guess some people don’t particularly enjoy it as it might look too “fake”.

That being said, if Samsung’s sales and dominance in the Android market are any indication, many Android users love their products. Oddly enough despite Samsung’s success with their Super AMOLED technology, it seems that competing OEMs have no interest in licensing the technology from the South Korean tech giant.

According to Samsung Display’s CEO, Park Dong-geun (via CNET), “Currently, the problem is that we have nowhere else to sell our products besides Samsung Electronics’ mobile division. In the case of China’s smartphone market, we are only just beginning (to expand there).” Park declined to comment on why Samsung has trouble trying to sell their technology to other companies, but if we had to guess, OEMs like HTC, Sony, Motorola, and LG probably don’t need more reasons to give Samsung money.

After all they are all competing in the same market space, so it doesn’t make sense that they’d be giving their direct competition business. So far these OEMs have turned to developing their own AMOLED displays or in the case of HTC, remained content with using LCD, but what do you guys think? Could some of these OEMs benefit from using Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology

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