Earlier this year, Sony announced PlayStation Now. For those unfamiliar, PlayStation Now is a game streaming service in which gamers will be able to stream and play games on their Sony PlayStation 4. Well the good news is that if this is a feature you’ve been looking forward to, you’re in luck because Sony has recently announced that PlayStation Now has entered into open beta.

Unfortunately it seems that for now, the open beta will be limited to those living in the US and Canada, so if you’re from a different side of the world, we guess you’ll just have to wait until Sony brings the service over to your shores. Alternatively you could always fire up a VPN and try to get into the beta, although your experience might vary.

That being said, the games available for PlayStation Now are limited to PlayStation 3 games. Sony expects that there will be over 100 titles available during the testing phase, and presumably more will be added in the future once the service has gone live to everyone else. There will be different ways to enjoy the service and gamers can choose between four hours of access, seven days, 30 days, or 90 days.

Sony also confirmed that a subscription plan will be introduced in the future. According to PlayStation Now’s senior director, Jack Buser (via Kotaku), “One thing I wanna stress is that we’re in the early days of the beta. We’re gonna launch in open beta on PlayStation 4, we’re gonna focus on PS3 titles. We believe that the PlayStation 3 has a rich catalogue of titles, and we wanna make sure we make that catalogue available to people who are new to the PlayStation ecosystem via PlayStation 4.”

In the meantime if you want to get a better idea of PlayStation Now, check out the video above in which Sony will walk you through the service and what you can expect from it.

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