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Sony Cuts Price Of PlayStation Now Service By Half
Game streaming is set to become a big deal and as such, more companies are getting on board with it. This is versus back in the day where not many companies were interested in the technology, but now it looks like we can look forward to services from the likes of Microsoft’s xCloud and Google Stadia.

PlayStation Now Subscription Service Tops 700,000 Users
The PlayStation Now streaming service has been around for quite some time now, long before similar services were offered for the Xbox One. Sony launched it back in 2014 and it has seen constant growth for PlayStation Now over the years. Sony has revealed that the subscription service now has over 700,000 users.

Sony Adds 50 More PS4 Games To PS Now
Sony today announced that it’s considerably expanding the lineup of games available on its PlayStation Now game streaming service ahead of the holidays. It has added 50 new titles to PlayStation Now which subscribers will be able to access starting today. The game streaming service’s library now has over 275 PS4 games to stream or download.

PlayStation Now Enables PS4 Game Downloads
Sony’s game streaming service, PlayStation Now, didn’t allow subscribers to download games before but that’s going to change now. Sony is finally enabling game downloads for PlayStation Now subscribers. This subscription service allowed members to stream titles from the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and the PlayStation 4. Sony has now confirmed that subscribers will soon be able to download these titles so that they can play them offline as well.


Bloodborne Added To PlayStation Now Streaming Library
PlayStation Now is a game streaming service from Sony that lets subscribers stream titles to their consoles in exchange for a fee. The company continues to add more titles to the service in order to keep things fresh. The latest addition is Bloodborne, a famous action RPG that’s known for being very difficult. This is perhaps the most high-profile game that Sony has added to the PlayStation Now streaming lineup […]

Play PlayStation 4 Games On PC Using PS Now Starting Today
Sony’s PlayStation Now game streaming service has long been open to PC gamers. They could use the service to play PS games on PC. However, the PS Now library didn’t have any PlayStation 4 titles. That has changed today as PS4 games have now been added to the PS Now list. This means that you can now play PS4 games on PC with PS Now.

PS4 Games On PlayStation Now Coming Soon
The PlayStation Now game streaming service allows subscribers to stream hundreds of PlayStation 3 games on their PS4 and PC. There are 483 games to be precise that are currently on this service but all of them are PS3 titles. If you’ve been waiting for PS4 games on PlayStation Now then your wait is about to end soon. Sony has confirmed that PS4 games on PlayStation Now are coming soon.

PlayStation Now Will Stop Supporting Older PlayStation Devices
If you are a gamer who uses Sony’s PlayStation Now services, you might be interested to learn that the company has recently made an announcement in which it seems that they will be ending support for older PlayStation devices, as well as other previously-compatible Sony and non-Sony devices.

PlayStation Now Game Streaming Service Launched On PC
Sony announced just last week that it’s going to release the PlayStation Now game streaming service for PC which will enable PC gamers to start playing games initially released for PlayStation consoles on their computers. Sony isn’t in the mood to keep us all waiting because it just announced that PlayStation Now has been released today for PC gamers in North America.

PlayStation Now Game Streaming Coming To PC
Microsoft already allows Xbox owners to stream their games to PC and now Sony is following suit. The company today announced that its PlayStation Now cloud-based game streaming service is headed to PC. This means that PC gamers can get their hands on some of the best titles for PlayStation 4 like Uncharted. The service will go live in select markets soon, enabling gamers to play PlayStation games on their […]

PlayStation Now Adds Two Resident Evil Games To The List
If you’re a subscriber of Sony’s PlayStation Now service, you might be interested to learn that a recent announcement by Sony on their PlayStation blog has revealed that in celebration of the Resident Evil’s franchise turning 20 years old, both Sony and Capcom have decided to add two more Resident Evil titles to the list of games.

Samsung Announces Upgraded Game Service For Smart TVs
Samsung has announced today that it’s going to bring an extensive lineup of over 400 streaming games and 100 downloadable games to its 2016 smart TVs. It promises that consumers will be able to experience the “most realistic gaming environments” available on TV, not least due to the great picture quality and large screen sizes offered by its TV lineup.

PlayStation Now Streaming Service Gets 100 New Games
Sony doesn’t have any plans of bringing backwards compatibility to the PlayStation 4, meaning that unlike Xbox One, PS4 owners will not be able to just pop in a PS3 disc to play a game that originally came out for its predecessor. The company does offer another way of playing PS3 games on PS4 but it’s a bit costly, the PlayStation Now streaming service offers a variety of titles which […]

PlayStation Now For PS Vita And PS TV Released
Sony’s cloud game streaming service PlayStation Now has been limited to the company’s consoles since it arrived and it’s currently available to users in just a handful of markets. The company is gradually expanding the service’s reach and the next step in that endeavor is to bring it to PlayStation TV and the PlayStation Vita handheld. Sony has announced today that PlayStation Now for PS Vita and PS TV has […]

PlayStation Now Beta Open For All In The UK
Folks in the United States have had open access to PlayStation Now beta for a few months now and today it’s being extended to users in the United Kingdom. PlayStation Now is a game streaming service from Sony that lets users stream PlayStation 3 games over the internet on various PlayStation devices as well as smart TVs from Sony and even Samsung. The service is now in open beta for users located […]

PlayStation Now Comes To Samsung Smart TVs
Sony’s PlayStation Now game streaming service has only been available on the company’s devices so far but that exclusivity is ending today. It has confirmed that PlayStation Now is now available on compatible Samsung smart TVs for users in the U.S. and Canada. Folks who own these televisions sets will be able to stream games through PlayStation Now without needing to hook up a Sony console.

PlayStation Now Subscriptions For PS3 Go Live On May 12th
Sony’s game streaming service PlayStation Now has been available on the PS3 and PS4 for quite some time now however subscriptions have remained exclusive to the new console. That changes in the very near future. Senior director for PlayStation Now Jack Buser confirmed on the official PlayStation blog today that PlayStation Now subscriptions will go live for the PS3 very soon.

PlayStation Now Beta For UK Goes Live Soon
PlayStation owners across the pond in the United Kingdom will soon be able to try out Sony’s game streaming service. For over a year now the service has been restricted to North America. UK will be the first market that Sony expands it to. The company confirmed today that the PlayStation Now beta will arrive in the UK soon. It will be a closed beta.

PlayStation Now Gets Five New Titles
Last year Sony launched its PlayStation Now game streaming service for the PlayStation consoles. At launch the service had over 100 titles which included both blockbuster hits and indie games. Obviously the collection of games offered through this service will increase and Sony has announced that five additional titles are being added to the PlayStation Now lineup.

PlayStation Now Subscription Plans Are Now Live
PlayStation Now is Sony’s game streaming service. Not too long ago it was opened up to the public. At the time the rental charges for game streaming were deemed to be too high and many implored Sony to consider subscription plans. That it did. Last week Sony detailed new PlayStation Now subscription plans which are now live, you can subscribe and start streaming games right away.