You’d think that fans of the Disney animated film Frozen would let it go after all this time but it looks their appetite for the adventures of Anna and Else is far from over. Frozen toys have been all the rage ever since the movie came out and the folks behind it have cashed in on the frenzy. Now in order to commemorate the launch of this movie on Blu-Ray and DVD they’ve teamed up with Sony to launch a special edition Frozen PlayStation 4.

This special edition console has been released by Sony Japan on the company’s home turf. It is unclear if this is going to make its way to other markets as well, given Frozen’s popularity in the West, it really wouldn’t surprise anyone if it did.

There’s nothing “special” about this console save for the fact that it ships with a copy of this Disney movie. The controller hasn’t received a visual overhaul, there’s just a simple outline of Elsa and Anna on the top HDD cover along with some snowflakes. That’s all there is to the special edition Frozen PlayStation 4.

Given the fact that snow plays a pivotal part in this movie one would expect Sony to go with the white PS4 for this particular tie-in, but for some reason they’ve stuck with the black console.

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