alpha_controller_lines_d0gBack in 2013, Valve took the wraps off the Steam Controller which was designed for Steam Machines in mind. It was an odd design and somewhat controversial as it seemed to go against convention. Valve later revealed a newer design which was still a little weird but at the same time looking more like controllers we are used to seeing.

However it seems that Valve could be announcing an even newer design, thanks to an unearthing of an image spotted by Steam Database which you can see in the image above. For the most part, the controller appears to be keeping the same design as its predecessor, except that instead of directional buttons, it looks like Valve could have swapped that out for an analog stick.

While we have to give Valve credit for trying something new, their original designs did feel weird to many who tried it out for the first time. Perhaps it’s because we’re used to more traditional controller layouts, which is why it feels weird. At the same time we have to understand that Valve’s Steam Controller was not designed only for console games in mind, but also PC games that run on Steam.

As mentioned earlier during CES, Valve pointed out that they plan to have games such as DotA 2 playable using the controller, so obviously a traditional route might not necessarily be possible. In any case Valve will be releasing the Steam Controller in 2015, so it will be interesting to see if there will be anymore changes made from now until then. In the meantime are you digging the potentially new look?

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