Touchscreens have typically been a one-sided affair. Most of the interaction is done from one side of the screen, usually with the one facing you. This means sense as the display and the other components are found on the underside, so it wouldn’t make sense for the user to interact from the other side of the touchscreen, right?

Well thanks to a team of researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), they have come up with a touchscreen display called Transwall that allows the user to interact with both sides of the display. In fact given that it can be used on both sides, it would also open up the display to be used by more than one person, thus fostering collaboration.

As it stands, the Transwall looks more like a transparent white board and is housed in a T-shaped frame. This setup allows users to interact from either side of the display. So how does it work? Well the Transwall features IR touch sensor frames that detects the touch from users. The information is then sent to a computer which then processes the movement and is then projected back on the display itself via a pair of projectors mounted on the arm of the frame.

As per the demonstration in the video above, it shows various uses of the technology. It can be used to play games, doodle, and more, but we expect that someone will eventually come up with a more serious way of using the technology, whether it be in education, business, or even medical. What do you guys think?

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